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My Postpartum Life

Any time there is a big change in life, you lose your sense of normal. Instead of trying to get it back, I'm trying to find a new normal.

To be honest? That's really hard right now. I take care of postpartum families and babies for a living...and it's still so hard right now.

I spent 6.5 years longing for another baby. I'm beyond thankful and happy to have Caleb in our lives. He is an answer to every prayer...he is completely amazing...AND it's still really hard for me right now.

Raging postpartum anxiety ✅ Body struggling to recover physically ✅ Physical therapy appts ✅ Big kids who sometimes feel completely left out ✅ Overwhelmed by tasks that used to be normal ✅ Hormones struggling to level out ✅ Sleepless nights ✅ Figuring out how to balance this life and return to work ✅ Finding out I had other health issues that necessitate changing my diet completely ✅

I'm sure there's more that I'm leaving out. It feels like a lot.

I didn't deal with 95% of this with the first two...but even then, I didn't allow myself the time to stop and rest. I jumped right back in to daily life, mostly because I had no other choice then.

I've tried to be intentional this time....only doing what is absolutely necessary each day. Outsourcing what I can. Taking as much time off as we can afford, and easing back in slow. Finding a couple days each week where I can stay home the whole day, in PJs, with Caleb. Even with planning for it and being intentional, it's still hard.

America has it all wrong. Women should not do it all and have it all right after having a baby. That's not a sign of's a sign of failure. Failure for society to support women. Failure to recognize all that it took to grow, carry, and birth that baby....and all that it takes to heal from that while then nurturing a baby.

Want a prime example of how little America values women? Look at postpartum women. Look at how much emphasis is put on the baby in utero and look at how much is focused on the woman who carried them. Look at our policies around maternity leave. Healthy baby is not the only outcome that matters. Women matter.

Do your part. Support the postpartum women around you. Change the narrative about "getting back to normal" after baby.

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