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As experts in building confidence and preparing families for parenthood, we believe that unbiased support is crucial to the process. When you engage our services for labor support you can be sure that your wishes are our desires. No agenda. No pre-conceived ideas about what birth should be.


We listen to you. We validate you and ask for your partner’s thoughts and desires for participating in the labor process. We bring education, physical comfort techniques and a personal understanding of the emotions associated with the birth process.


This is your birth and this is our support. You write the story!


Our support includes:

  • Personalized support and attention throughout your pregnancy. From our first contact through the postpartum hour, you can count on us.

  • A team of two doulas for the remainder of your pregnancy giving you twice the experience, twice the compassion, twice the support, and twice the availability.

  • A prenatal appointment with you, your partner, and both of your doulas, in the comfort of your own home.  Building the relationships and planning for your birth.

  • Continuous labor and birth support. Continuity is key and you can expect our physical, emotional, and informational support throughout your labor and birth.

  • Postpartum support immediately following your birth and again in the first weeks of you settling in with your new baby. We will help you process your birth and provide resources for any need that may arise.

  • Unbiased support. No matter where or how you are giving birth; no matter how you are planning to feed your baby, or your parenting styles; Your goals are our goals!


This transformative time in your life deserves to be supported and affirmed. Let our comforting care surround you and prepare you for life’s biggest and most profound transition!


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