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"I’d choose them again and again- even if I had to pay double! They are the absolute best."

"Working with Bluegrass Doulas helped us, and me as the mother in particular, feel empowered before, during, and after the birth. Having their support and reassurance throughout the entire process was priceless especially as first time parents. Every birth is different and we had a beautiful experience- having the confidence to make empowered decisions throughout and even after as we navigated the challenges of the early days because we knew we were supported by a trusted team was incredible."

Kristin Paine

Kristin Paine

 The postpartum services were absolutely crucial to my sanity the first few months of my babies’ lives. I could not have done it without you!  I think back to those middle of the night wake ups and was so comfortable knowing that you were listening for my girls. It gave me time to relax and get a few hours of sleep. Then as the girls kept growing, having you there to provide me guidance and advice was a huge support. I cannot recommend them enough. 

"I consider them part of our family now!"

Lydia Deegan

"These ladies come with a whole group of great people and resources.  Without them I would never have found who and what I needed in the months after the baby."

"They give you constant support and never judge your choices.  They work to educate you and give personal experiences.  In the heat of the moment or in the sleepless aftermath they take those extra thoughtful steps without having to ask.  And I still value the long term friendship creates after it’s all over!"

April Childers

" I cannot imagine giving birth without her and we plan to use Bluegrass Doulas when the time comes and we decide to have another child."

 "Kate and Rebecca always helped me with questions I had after each doctor's appointment, told me what options were available, and made me feel supported along the entire journey.  Kate was amazing during labor, she was supportive and helped me and my husband.  She advocated for me with the nurses to try different things and documented our daughter's birth".

Ashley Gonzalez

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