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5 Reasons You Should Have a Postpartum Doula

As a society we spend 40-ish weeks preparing for a delivery. Assuming things go smoothly, you have your bags packed, your birth plan written, you've visualized and mentally tried to prepare for labor and you've spent countless hours thinking through the what-ifs and the primary and secondary goals. Labor is hard, wonderful, refining, challenging and amazing- but it's also temporary. We would argue that what happens after labor is often less prepared for, but even more challenging. Here are some reasons why having a Postpartum Doula on your side is a game changer for recovery and transition.

1. Sleep

Ask any parent what the hardest part about having an infant at home is and almost every one of them will say sleep (or lack thereof). Doulas are there to care for you and help make sure you have a chance to rest (they even do nightshifts). Even better, they know how to navigate this while supporting your feeding goals.

2. Household support

Just like in birth, a doula's purpose is to support you and your goals. Bringing a new baby home can be overwhelming without the addition of household responsibilities. Doulas can help you manage and meet these needs. A pair of extra hands to help make sure you have time to eat a meal and shower in peace makes a huge difference and you feel pulled in so many directions with a new baby.

3. They help you with your Breastfeeding goals

Establishing a successful feeding relationship is a challenge and postpartum doulas are trained to help provide support. They assist with things such as positioning the baby and educating mom on pumping. They also understand the important balance of letting parents rest, while supporting the nursing relationship. When there are struggles, doulas know when it is necessary to reach out for help with an IBCLC. There is no shortage of research to show how support can be crucial initially to help mom reach her nursing goals.

4. Recovery

The needs of a newborn can take a huge toll on new parents emotionally and physically and a postpartum doula is educated on helping support the mother while her body recovers. Providing assurance and assistance as you physically recover can help you focus on emotional attachment to your new little one.

5. Family assistance

Doulas are there to support the entire family. Their goal is to help new partners in being able to better care for mom and help siblings transition to the role of big brother and sister. A doula is there to support the needs of the entire family and help alleviate pressure off of new parents.

These are just some of the reasons why a postpartum doula can be so helpful as you bring a little one home. Our goal at Bluegrass Doulas is to support you as a new mother through the struggles so that you can focus on bonding with your new little one.

Do you have questions about our postpartum doula services? Contact us today!

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