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Preparing parents is our greatest passion and it begins with Childbirth Education.


We are proud to offer our original evidence-based childbirth education series where families in Kentuckiana are learning about the following topics:

  • Pregnancy related discomfort

  • The process of labor

  • The symptoms associated with each stage of labor

  • Comfort measures for each stage of labor

  • Labor interventions

  • Evidence-based practices

  • And so much more


Childbirth Education classes are an opportunity during your busy lives to slow down and bring all focus to the birth and welcoming hours of introducing your baby to the world. It’s a place where couples bond, questions are answered and birth and parenting philosophies develop. We encourage you to invite your partner on a ‘date’ that will truly prepare you for parenting. We won’t light the candles or serve an amazing meal but we truly believe it is a romantic experience where couples can grow and attune with one another.

Check back for classes resuming Mid-2022.

Image by Thandy Yung



This extensive six-week series provides you with the knowledge and confidence to advocate for your best birth experience and early parenting in an interactive, small group environment. Group classes are held in local hospitals but are open to the public, regardless of where you are giving birth.



This one day group class is a condensed version of our six week series. It serves as a great option for
those with schedules that limit availability for longer group series or as a refresher for second time
parents looking for a class to practice comfort measures, refresh coping skills, and relearn the basics of




Private classes are tailored to meet the needs of the individual family. This class is completely customizable to include the topics you need most. Classes are offered in the comfort of your own home.

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