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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are quickly approaching and this year we are focusing on gifts that kids can use at home for sensory and imaginative play! We highly recommend supporting locally owned retail businesses if you are able to. In Louisville we love Learning Express and Carmichaels Kids. Both offer delivery and curbside options.

Here are a few of our current favorite toys for this year:

Under 1:

Toys under 1 are great ways to help boost your baby's fine motor skills and social development.

Stacking cups (they double for bath toys too!)


We love encouraging newly mobile children to build their skills with push and pull toys. Blocks help their fine motor and problem solving skills.

Toddlers +

For Toddlers pretend play is amazing and can help your kiddos learn while keeping them busy! Some of our favorite toddler toys are:

Preschool and older:

Creativity is key for preschoolers, allowing them to express themselves through pretend play and art is great at this stage.

Gross motor play:

We know that being indoors during the Winter can be tough with little ones, toys like the Pikler Triangle and Nuggets make a huge difference in letting your kids get some energy out. We also love strider bikes and climbing domes when it's nice outside!

Pikler triangle click here for a DIY guide!

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