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Welcome to Bluegrass Doulas where compassionate professional birth support services are just a phone call away!




When families in the Louisville area are preparing to give birth, they turn to the experts. They want the best for themselves and their babies and they do their research. They find the best midwife or obstetrician, the best pediatrician and the best doula. Perhaps that is how you found us.


Our commitment to providing the highest quality, labor doula support, postpartum doula support and childbirth education classes is surpassed by none. We are dedicated to helping you have the most positive birth and postpartum experience possible however they may look for you.


Bluegrass Doulas recognize that this is a uniquely personal transition for each and every family and we want you to feel confident in our ability to discreetly accommodate you with unbiased, nonjudgmental comforting care.


We congratulate you and we support you!

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